Spark Magazine: The RELAtionship Issue

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A brand new, revamped and reimagined SPARK Magazine aims to support you in your journey towards transformative change. Packed with powerful kabbalistic insights and tools, each issue of SPARK combines the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah with contemporary teachings and advice from the Centre’s leading voices. Featuring practical lessons from prominent Kabbalah Centre teachers, spotlights on dynamic Centre students, and reports on the latest musings in the world of spirituality, SPARK is a great resource for enhancing your lifestyle of consciousness.

 From soul mates and kabbalistic weddings to astrological compatibility and scientific theories, The Relationship Issue delves into the timeless topic of love. What does it mean to love? To be loved? How does spirituality enter the equation? Find out what some of the world’s preeminent kabbalists have to say about these and many other questions and ideas about true love.