Kabbalistic Calendar: Desktop 2018-2019

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The New Moon of each month on the lunar calendar contains the energetic potential for the entire month to come. Every New Moon affords us an opportunity to connect to a force revealed in the universe through which we can overcome challenges and attain order in our lives. Using the power available through an opening in the cosmos, we have the ability to direct, nurture, and shape all coming events.

By sharing a profound teaching from Rav Berg’s The Essential Zohar for each lunar month, we hope to inspire your connection to the unique spiritual power found in every month, and to the energy of the Rav himself. His legacy of assisting millions of people in transforming, growing in consciousness, and truly sharing and caring for others lives on through each of us, and each month we have the opportunity to ask them for guidance in navigating our own particular spiritual path. After all, the Rav made it his life’s mission to change the world, making the wisdom of Kabbalah available to everyone in the world – including and especially, you.

The calendar in your hands is a powerful guide that can be used to gain insight on how to maximize each month and holiday’s potential, tapping into those energies so as to connect with the Light, the source of all positive energy we experience.