If You Don't Like Your Life, Change It (ENGLISH, SOFTCOVER)

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It is possible to rise above the gravitational pull that draw us into the same scenes by using kabbalistic tools. Challenges such as pain, addiction and fear are opportunities for growth. By becoming familiar with underlying messages we tell ourselves, we can recognize and overcome destructive thoughts and reactive behavior, make different choices and ultimately create different results. Our decisions and actions today are seeds that create either chaos or fulfillment in our future.
When we step out of our nature, Nature responds in turn. According to the kabbalists thatOCOs how we can create miracles. Stop playing that old re-run! We all know we have the ability to transform; this book helps in understanding exactly what we need to change so we can rewrite our movie.
For those who loved "The Power of Kabbalah" or "Living Kabbalah," get ready to take the next steps in writing, directing, and acting a new life.