Tikkune Healing Series

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Tikkune Healing – Manifesting your greatness

3 Session Series

What we believe creates our reality. In this 3-step program,  Kabbalah Centre Teacher David Zakin will work with you on shifting outdated, limiting beliefs and crafting a strong consciousness from which to manifest your truest desires in life.

Session 1: Shed Limiting Beliefs (Old Stories - Past)

In this first session, you’ll connect to your unlimited consciousness to identify old stories that form limiting beliefs and are no longer serving you. We will work to release these at the root-cause level and then plant the seeds for acknowledging your ‘soul beliefs.’ Includes a guided Kabbalistic Meditation.

Session 2: Connect to Your Light (True Identity - Present)

In this session, the focus switches from “what’s NOT working for me” to “what IS working for me” – otherwise known as your ‘soul beliefs.’ We will nurture, embolden, and expand your true soul beliefs while clarifying your gifts, talents, and strengths. The guided kabbalistic meditation to close the session connects you to the root of your soul, allowing you to embrace your unique Light.

Session 3: Shine Your Light (Manifestation - Future)

In this final session, we explore the actions, words, thoughts, and consciousness that will help you share your gifts and soul beliefs, ultimately manifesting your unique Light. By getting in touch with how to relate your unique Light to the world around you, the ultimate self-expression can be achieved. Your teacher will review the session work with you and address any limiting beliefs that might still be lingering. The 3-step program concludes with a powerful manifestation meditation where you will visualize and experience your soul-driven dreams becoming reality.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom.
After purchasing your sessions you will receive an email that will include a link to the self-scheduling system (please scroll to the bottom of the email in order to find this link). Email david.zakin@kabbalah.com with any questions you may have.

David Zakin Bio 

David’s mission to explore and share spiritual wisdom has led him on a journey throughout 50 countries, where he has studied and taught lifechanging spiritual philosophies and practices. Throughout this journey, David has studied ancient texts with spiritual leaders at the kabbalah Centre learn directly from Rav Berg Karen Berg, and Michael Berg, gleaned wisdom from today’s leading business innovators. David has also given 100’s of seminars on spiritual growth around the world  and accumulated over 15,000 hours of 1 on 1 coaching in the realm of personal growth, Tikune and relationships.