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According to ancient kabbalists, the Zohar is the greatest gift one can give or receive.  When you share the energy of the Zohar, you help to strengthen a person so they too may reveal more Light on the planet. 

The Grassroots Recharge Kit was created to allow people to share the gift of the Zohar with friends, family and those they encounter on their path.  The Zohar Project has subsidized this product in an effort to make the sharing of the Zohar more accessible.  The Grassroots Recharge Kit can be your “refill” opportunity after you shared the contents of the Grassroots Starter Kit. 

 The Grassroots Recharge Kit includes:

 -10 Pocket Pinchas (Aramaic language only)

 -10 business cards


This product is not for resale. By purchasing this item you agree to distribute the Zohar to your local community at no cost to the recipients. Resale of this product online or off-line, directly or through a third party in any condition is strictly prohibited.