Pocket Size Zohar for Kids - Pinchas

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Zohar Pinchas for Kids

“The hope for our future generation in particular and the world in general, always lies with the children of any period. They will become the future adults of tomorrow. And as the young are reared, so too will they influence the events to come.” – Rav Berg

Give your child the gift of spiritual protection and endless Light!

As the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches, the Creator specifically selected your child to radiate their inner Light to the entire world. Their unique talents will help shape the future and have the capacity to completely transform our world. And with the energy of the Zohar at their side, their potential is truly limitless. 

In addition to being a potent tool for protection, the Pocket Pinchas Zohar for Kids is a roadmap for helping children discover what makes their unique Light shine. By scanning its words to absorb the positive energy they contain, your child will tap into their ‘superpowers’—kindness, love, imagination, generosity, and courage. A life of joy and purpose awaits your child, and this powerful book will guide and protect them along the way.