What God Meant: Vol 2 Exodus (English, Paperback)

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In this simple and eloquent compilation of Bible teachings, Kabbalah scholar Michael Berg imparts wisdom from decades of research and sources unique to his lineage. Gems of insight from Rav Berg, Rav Ashlag, the Ari, and the Zohar are complimented by teachings from the Age of Enlightenment. Tapping this period of the 18th century is especially appropriate for this book: here Michael offers readers a shot at true illumination.

Kabbalah explains that the Bible is neither just a book of stories to be taken literally nor an historical archive of events. Although these occurrences took place thousands of years ago, there are relevant spiritual truths hidden within each tale.

In the five-volume set of What God Meant, Michael addresses contemporary challenges in a manner that affirms, even in the worst situations, that there is goodness and opportunity. The knowledge shared within these pages can awaken our desire for transformation, and thereby lead us to fulfill our real purpose.