Kabbalah On Sleep-Technology For Soul (English, Hardcover, Pocket-Size)

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Despite the plethora of pills, pillows, and other aids, millions of sleep-deprived Americans have yet to find the relief they're seeking. Now, in 'Kabbalah on Sleep,' Yehuda Berg reveals that the real purpose of sleep is not rest for the body but rejuvenation of the soul. According to Kabbalah, sleep is when a major portion of the soul leaves the body and travels toward the Light to connect and recharge. This book provides the Kabbalistic tools readers need to use sleep as an effective part of on-going spiritual work. These include understanding dreams, rising to study during the night, scanning the Zohar, prayers and meditation, and "all-nighters" on certain holidays that forge a connection with immortality. 'Kabbalah on Sleep' demonstrates that the true nature of sleep has more to do with consciousness than unconsciousness, and as such it offers an invaluable solution to one of modern life's greatest challenges: a good night's sleep.